Bring Bountiful Local – New Vendor Tests

August 4th, 2016

If you would like to help with the decision making process regarding new vendors keep your eyes peeled!  We will be having “off-schedule” opportunities to get test baskets from new vendors throughout all the areas in the next few days!

We will be keenly interested in your feedback and will send a couple surveys within the week following your basket pickup to learn how the produce held up over time, how you liked it, and what your overall impressions were.  Being a co-op we really value and are providing opportunity for all interested parties to play a role in decision making.

Please join us in the mission to Bringing Bountiful Local!

We are running at partial capacity

July 31st, 2016

We are working to Bring Bountiful Local. Optimizing our routes, using local produce vendors, and changing distributors are all part of our new strategy.

We love the savings of the co-op, so this is a tough decision and we can’t wait to bring an even better Bountiful Baskets to you.  Looking forward to seeing you here on the website next week!

If you are new, go ahead and register up for an account and you will receive a reminder email when the site is ready for you to participate.


Sally & Tanya