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Details Week City Name Day Volunteer Pickup
DetailsBAftonLincoln County School District OfficeSaturday10:15 am 11:15 am
DetailsAAlbinAlbin Community CenterSaturday8:30 am 9:30 am
DetailsABaggsValley Community CenterSaturday3:00 pm 4:00 pm
DetailsABurnsPLEXSaturday7:30 am 8:30 am
DetailsACasperMills ElementarySaturday9:15 am 10:15 am
DetailsACasperSagewood Elementary SchoolSaturday10:00 am 11:00 am
DetailsACasperCasper Memorial VFW Post 9439Saturday9:15 am 10:15 am
DetailsBCasperFort Caspar AcademySaturday2:00 pm 3:00 pm
DetailsACasperHigh Country Fabrication - Corporate SiteSaturday8:45 am 9:15 am
DetailsBCasperNowcapSaturday1:00 pm 2:00 pm
DetailsACheyenneIBEWSaturday6:00 am 7:00 am
DetailsBCheyenneWestern AuctionSaturday4:30 pm 6:00 pm
DetailsACheyenneFire Training ComplexSaturday5:00 am 7:00 am
DetailsACheyenneAmerican Medical ResponseSaturday6:15 am 7:15 am
DetailsBClarkClark Pioneer Community CenterSaturday12:00 pm 1:00 pm
DetailsBCodyCody Fire HallSaturday1:15 pm 2:15 pm
DetailsACodyProvisions Food BankSaturday6:00 am 7:00 am
DetailsBCokevilleCokeville High School (was Town Hall)Saturday8:45 am 9:45 am
DetailsADaytonTongue River Community CenterSaturday6:45 am 7:30 am
DetailsADouglasEastern WY College/DouglasSaturday11:30 am 12:30 pm
DetailsBDuboisDubois Fire DeptSaturday5:00 am 7:00 am
DetailsAEncampmentEncampment Town ShopSaturday12:45 pm 1:45 pm
DetailsAEtheteSenior Citizens CenterSaturday1:00 pm 2:00 pm
DetailsAEvanstonPrivate Property (Evanston, WY)Saturday8:30 am 9:30 am
DetailsBEvanstonNixon RanchSaturday8:45 am 9:45 am
DetailsAFarsonPrivate Property (Farson, WY)Saturday4:45 pm 5:45 pm
DetailsBFreedomFreedom Ball ParkSaturday10:45 am 11:30 am
DetailsBGilletteLakeway Learning CenterSaturday10:30 am 11:30 am
DetailsAGilletteLakeway Learning CenterSaturday9:15 am 10:15 am
DetailsAGilletteTech Center, Gillette CollegeSaturday8:45 am 9:45 am
DetailsBGilletteSunflower Elementary SchoolSaturday11:00 am 12:00 pm
DetailsAGilletteSleepy Hollow Trend BuildingSaturday9:45 am 10:45 am
DetailsAGilletteCamPlex-Wyoming CenterSaturday10:15 am 11:15 am
DetailsBGilletteCamPlex-Wyoming CenterSaturday11:30 am 12:30 pm
DetailsBGlenrockGlenrock Rec CenterSaturday3:00 pm 4:00 pm
DetailsAGlenrockGlenrock Rec CenterSaturday12:00 pm 1:30 pm
DetailsBGreen RiverSchool Maintenance Warehouse (was Riverside Nursery)Saturday12:15 pm 1:15 pm
DetailsBGreybullGreybull Recreation CenterSaturday9:00 am 10:00 am
DetailsAGuernseyGuernsey City HallSaturday11:45 am 12:45 pm
DetailsAHannaHanna Rec CenterSaturday10:15 am 11:15 am
DetailsAHulettGreater Hulett Communtiy CenterSaturday12:15 pm 1:15 pm
DetailsBJacksonWells Fargo Downtown Branch Covered Parking AreaSaturday12:30 pm 1:30 pm
DetailsAKemmererKemmerer Elementary SchoolSaturday12:45 pm 1:45 pm
DetailsBKinnearKinnear Fire HallSaturday6:30 am 7:30 am
DetailsALaGrangeLaGrange Community BuildingSaturday9:30 am 10:30 am
DetailsBLanderLander Senior CenterSaturday8:00 am 9:00 am
DetailsALanderFremont ToyotaSaturday11:45 am 12:45 pm
DetailsBLanderFremont ToyotaSaturday7:15 am 8:15 am
DetailsALaramieLincoln Community CenterSaturday7:00 am 8:00 am
DetailsALaramieSpring Creek Elementary SchoolSaturday7:45 am 8:45 am
DetailsALaramieHarmony SchoolSaturday6:00 am 7:00 am
DetailsALingleLingle Elementary SchoolSaturday10:45 am 11:45 am
DetailsBLovellLovell Fire HallSaturday10:00 am 11:00 am
DetailsBLuskNiobrara County FairgroundsSaturday6:30 am 7:00 am
DetailsBLymanLyman Town Hall Fire StationSaturday9:45 am 10:45 am
DetailsAMarbletonSublette County Fairgrounds Commercial BuildingSaturday2:15 pm 3:15 pm
DetailsBMeeteetseSenior CenterSaturday2:30 pm 3:30 pm
DetailsAMidwest/EdgertonEdgerton Town HallSaturday6:30 am 7:30 am
DetailsAMoorcroftMoorcroft Elementary Gym and Lunch RoomSaturday1:30 pm 2:30 pm
DetailsAMountain ViewMountain View Senior CenterSaturday10:45 am 11:45 am
DetailsANewcastleNewcastle Senior CenterSaturday3:00 pm 4:00 pm
DetailsBNewcastleNewcastle Senior CenterSaturday2:15 pm 3:15 pm
DetailsAPinedaleTom Orcutt (Shelter) Park; a.k.a. Dinosaur ParkSaturday3:15 pm 4:15 pm
DetailsBPowellAmerican LegionSaturday11:00 am 12:00 pm
DetailsBRanchesterRanchester Town HallSaturday6:30 am 7:30 am
DetailsARawlinsRawlins WDOC/Old Armory - Friday Evening PickupFriday5:30 pm 6:30 pm
DetailsARivertonFremont County Fairgrounds Little Wind CenterSaturday10:00 am 11:00 am
DetailsARivertonFremont County Fire Battallion 1 StationSaturday10:45 am 11:45 am
DetailsBRivertonJaycee BuildingSaturday9:15 am 10:15 am
DetailsBRivertonNEW Recycling CESSaturday8:30 am 9:30 am
DetailsARock RiverRock River Town HallSaturday9:15 am 10:15 am
DetailsBRock SpringsYoung at Heart Senior CenterSaturday1:30 pm 2:30 pm
DetailsARock SpringsNowCap - Friday Evening PickupFriday3:30 pm 5:15 pm
DetailsASaratogaSaratoga Ambulance BarnSaturday11:45 am 12:45 pm
DetailsASheridanSheridan YMCASaturday6:30 am 7:30 am
DetailsBSheridanSheridan YMCASaturday7:15 am 8:15 am
DetailsBSheridanLandon's Nursery and GreenhouseSaturday8:00 am 9:00 am
DetailsBShoshoniShoshoni Fire Hall/Community CenterSaturday10:15 am 11:15 am
DetailsASundanceSundance Elementary SchoolSaturday1:15 pm 2:15 pm
DetailsBTen SleepVista ParkSaturday7:00 am 8:00 am
DetailsAThermopolisArmory BuildingSaturday8:45 am 9:45 am
DetailsBThermopolisArmory BuildingSaturday5:00 am 7:00 am
DetailsBTorringtonGoshen County Fair GroundsSaturday3:00 pm 4:00 pm
DetailsATorringtonVFW Post 2918Saturday3:30 pm 4:30 pm
DetailsBUptonUpton Elementary School Gym/LunchroomSaturday1:30 pm 2:30 pm
DetailsAWheatlandPlatte County Exhibit Hall FairgroundsSaturday1:00 pm 2:00 pm
DetailsBWorlandEagles LodgeSaturday6:00 am 7:00 am
DetailsAWrightWright Multi-Purpose FacilitySaturday5:00 am 7:00 am