Frequently Asked Questions


How much do I contribute for a Basket?  

Contribution amounts vary based on location. Conventional Baskets are between $18 and $21, and 100% Certified Organic Basket are between $28 and $30  

What is the difference between A week and B week?  

A and B weeks are rotating weeks to help us keep track of which sites are running. Some sites run only A week, some only B, but a majority run both weeks. Occasionally there are time changes between the weeks, so check carefully. It is important to know your site’s schedule. You can look up your site on the locations tab on our website, and it will say which weeks it runs.  

I’m a first time participant. Do you have step by step instructions?  

Yes, click Here to read them!  

It’s my first time picking up. Any Do’s and Don’ts?  

Everyone at the site is a volunteer! They’re there generally because they love the experience so much that they want to help others the same way they are helped by Bountiful baskets, so no performance anxiety!   Do:

  • Bring something to carry your produce home in!
  • Bring your Contribution Confirmation (aka receipt)
  • Come at the time listed here to help if you want!
  • Make sure you get all your items before leaving
  • Gently transfer your produce to your own container to carry home
  • Hesitate to ask questions!
  • Hesitate to find out how people cook items you are unfamiliar with!
  • Hesitate to find out how to get a Bountiful Baskets site in your community from the Volunteer Site Coordinator
So No Hesitating, jump right in and get involved!  

What happens if I don’t pickup my Bountiful Basket?  

Your Bountiful Basket will be donated to a local fire station that provides service to your community.  

Can I schedule a different day or time to pick-up my Bountiful Basket?  

Your Bountiful Basket has to be picked up on the day and time that you selected. If you are unable to pick it up, you may send someone else with your Contribution Confirmation (a.k.a. receipt) to get it for you! If you can’t remember what items you contributed for, you can check your Contribution Confirmation or Log-in on the website and go to your Contribution History. You can view all of your current and past Contributions!  

What if I can’t pick-up my Bountiful Basket? Can I have someone else pick it up for me?  

If you are unable to come get your basket you may send someone else with your Contribution Confirmation (a.k.a. receipt) to get it for you!  

When I pick-up my Bountiful Basket how do they know what to give me?  

The Volunteer Site Coordinator has a report that shows what you have contributed for. Be sure to bring your Contribution Confirmation just in case there are any discrepancies.  

How do I volunteer?  

Arrive at your site one hour earlier than your pickup time to volunteer!  

Who do I contact if I have a problem with my Bountiful Basket?  

If you notice something amiss with the basket while you are at the site, please discuss it with the Volunteer Site Coordinator. If you have gone home already, please email  

How do I know what is in the Bountiful Basket?  

Different items will be in the Bountiful Basket each week! We base the basket contents on what is in season, high quality, good value, and local. We generally have 6 fruit items & 6 vegetable items. We focus on what would be well received in our homes, and the extensive surveys we’ve done with participants over the past 18 years to know what families eat.  

When can I make a contribution for my Bountiful Basket?  

You may make your contribution starting at Noon on Monday in the Time Zone your site is in. Contributions close Tuesday evening. What happens if I miss the contribution period?  

Set a reminder on your Calendar for the next week on Monday and make your contribution!  

What happens if I don’t see my site in the drop down list?  

Your site either is not available this week (some sites are available every other week), or it is full! You may want to consider making more sites available in your area. Instructions on how to start a new site!  

How can I bring Bountiful Baskets to my community?   Instructions on becoming a Volunteer Site Coordinator!  

How do I know the produce I get in the Bountiful Baskets is safe to eat? It’s not like I am getting it from the grocery store.  

The produce is chosen by us, and we feed it to our families too! It is the same produce you get from your local grocery store. If there is ever a recall we would be notified immediately, and you would have better notification than if you purchased at a grocery store because we have records of exactly who received a basket. As always, you need to wash the produce properly and keep it refrigerated as appropriate. For more information see our produce storage guide! We also use distributors who are third party inspected and they require all growers to also be third party inspected.  

What if none of the Bountiful Baskets sites are close to my home. Will you deliver?  

You can drive to the closest site (saving $35 a basket means you can drive a little and save a lot!), or you can get more information on becoming a Volunteer Site Coordinator and start a site near you! Bountiful Baskets does not deliver.  

What if I don’t have a credit or debit card to use to get my Bountiful Basket? Can I pay cash the morning of?  

At this time, the only way to make your financial contribution is by credit or debit card online. Many people in this situation have success participating by having a friends/neighbor make the contribution for you or by using a registered pre-paid credit card.  

What if I forgot to make my contribution online. Can I buy a Bountiful Basket at the site?  

No, Bountiful Baskets functions as a buying club not a retailer, so we don’t carry any type of inventory. We arrange bulk purchases for friends and neighbors living near each other so that they can obtain volume discounts by working together. Everything at a site is already spoken for and belongs to someone.  

Do you reuse or recycle the cardboard that the produce comes in?  

Indirectly. We send boxes home with participants and they can recycle it. Some sites are lucky enough to have a volunteer who takes all the boxes to a recycle center!  

What type of special offerings does Bountiful Baskets have?  

Occasionally we will have the following! Be sure to participate each week so that you don’t miss out.

Produce By the Case: e.g., Utah Peaches, Citrus, Tomatoes, Pickling Cucumbers, Apples, Pears, Chiles, etc.

Bread Products: e.g., Sandwich Bread, Hamburger / Hotdog Buns, Ciabatta, Chile Cheese, Cinnamon Raisin & Other Specialty Breads

Ethnic/Specialty Produce Packs: e.g., Italian, Asian, Mexican, Guacamole, Party Produce Pack (think Guacamole, Salsa, and things you dip in ranch!)

Pantry Items: e.g., Rice, Beans, Granola, Olive Oil, Canola Oil, All Natural Nut Butters

Decadent Deserts with 100% Butter, No hydrogenated oils or corn syrup  

What if I want to contribute for a Bountiful Basket but don’t need all that produce?  

Feel free to share things you won’t use with a neighbor! The great thing with a Bountiful Basket is that you are saving money! Even if you give away a couple of things that your family won’t use, you are blessing someone else and still saving money!  

What if I make a contribution and find out I won’t be in town that week. Can I cancel?  

No, once your contribution has been made we cannot make any changes. Please make arrangements with a friend, family member, or neighbor to pickup your Bountiful Basket with your Contribution Confirmation!  

How do I know where exactly I pick-up my share? What if I can’t find the pick-up location?  

Click here to see detailed instructions on where to go! Also, a volunteer will call the phone number registered on your account if you are running late. They can help you! Be sure you use your cell phone and home phone for your account just in case you are ever lost or oversleep!  

I already made my contribution and just noticed there was a site that was closer to my house. May I change sites?  

No, once you have completed your transaction then your contribution is finalized and it can not be changed. We are glad that you found a site that is closer to your home though. It will make pickup so much more convenient next time!  

May I make my financial contribution with an EBT card or other forms of public assistance?  

Not at this time. We accept debit or credit cards only.